Monday, January 19, 2009

Personal Message from Richard Eyre

Thanks to all who have visited this brand new blog, and for the valuable feedback you have already provided!

Although I have written and published more than two dozen books, I have never had an experience quite like The Three Deceivers. First of all, I wrote it in online installments and got instant (same day) feedback from scores of readers on every article (every chapter). And now, with the blog, and with the impetus from Glenn Beck, the inputs and comments continue to pour in!

Sometimes when you write something like The Three Deceivers, you wonder if anyone will see things like you do, and if it will seem as important and as personally relevant to others as it does to you. I'm so happy that that worry was unfounded, and I am overwhelmed at how many people seem to feel that I have given voice to some of the very things they were thinking and trying to clarify and deal with.

Maybe it is partially the tough economic times we are experiencing.....a great time, I guess, to redefine success and re prioritize what matters most in our lives. If The Three Alternatives can be helpful in this process, I am honored!

Keep Writing!

Richard Eyre


  1. Hey Richard,
    I just got the book and am reading it now. Tell me where did you ever get the idea for this? Its such a departure from conventional thinking...

  2. I enjoyed reading "A Day In The Bookstore" where Richard talks about how this all started. You might want to check it out at

  3. Bro. Eyre, your book is amazing. I just set up a new journal to record my 3 S's daily. Would love to buy one already set up... Just an idea. The concepts saved my life. I was in a deep depression over trying to own my children, lack of control over their grown up lives and I never understood the concept of how God often answers our prayers through eachother.

  4. I’m in the process of reading your book and I’m on serendipity and I have to say I’m impressed and looking forward to reading about the next two S’s. Some of the words are complex but worth looking up expanding ones vocabulary.
    Thanks for the book.